Novena de San Pafnuncio

Analytic Title: 15 MXN

Point of Sale: Iglesia De La Santísima Trinidad

Publisher: Casa Azpeitia

Pagination: 15 p.

Dimensions: 8 x 11.3 cm.

Place of Publication: Guadalajara, México


Novena* booklet. The prayers praise San Pafnuncio's penitent life and the salvation of "lost souls." The last instruction for the last day reads: "Say one Our Father for the persons who ordered this printing." --- (*) Novenas are a very popular devotion in Mexico and Latin America in general. They consist of prayers said nine successive days, reciting the rosary. People usually gather in a neighbour's house, and the host reads the prayers from a novena booklet, which works both as guide for the steps to follow and as a prayers book. There are several types of novenas and types of requests associated to a religious character or topic in each booklet.