Price: 3 MXN

Point of Sale: Iglesia De La Santísima Trinidad

Publisher: Cemex

Dimensions: 5 x 7.5 cm.

Illustrations: "Juan Diego Caminante"by José Sánchez, 2002 (painting).


Religious stamp donated by Cemex in commemoration of Juan Diego's canonization by the catholic church. Cemex is a company based in Mexico, probably the world's largest building materials supplier according to _Los Angeles Times_ (http://articles.latimes.com/2007/jun/08/business/fi-cemex8). Even though the stamp seems to have been produced for free circulation, it was bought from a street stand outside of a church in Hermosillo, Sonora, likely the stamp was also sold to the owner of the street stand by religious print distributors. The prayer on the back side requests help for "people in need," and "people in sickness of mind and body" via the intercession of Juan Diego. Juan Diego is an national unity image for México. The praying voice asks god to concede that the "Mexican People, united by the force of love to our Sweet Mother of Tepeyac" make their home "a temple" for the worship of Jesuschrist.